John Legend Reigns in Premature Holiday Fevers with Release of “A Legendary Christmas”

With the release of his new Christmas album, A Legendary Christmas, Jesus Super Star John Legend ushers in infectious feelings of gayness and mirth.

Though Halloween still lurks around the corner, our attention is redirected towards the pinnacle of cold weather holidays, Christmas. Ubiquitously known for his melodic and baby-smooth vocals, Legend’s album arguably thrones himself as the new king of holiday melodies, placing him amongst the ranks of other connotatively related Christmas artists such as Michael Buble.

The album features artists such as the rightfully famed Stevie Wonder and up and coming genre-defying bassist Esperanza Spalding, allotting the album a unique blues vibe. Legend’s ability to showcase Christmas music as more dynamic than ever before goes to show that maybe even holiday music can be made cool given the proper twist. Moving further away from the playing-softly-in-the-background-while-mom-makes-cookies monotonous queue expectation Christmas music tends to have, each song incorporates unexpected rhythmic instrumentals through the use of distinguishable percussions and synthesizers.

The album serves as a reminder of the undeniable talent and likability of John Legend. Such songs as “Wrap Me Up in Your Love” and “Please Come Home For Christmas” implicitly evoke those inevitable and warm feelings of romance and yearning that arise during the season of giving thanks and displaying appreciation for loved ones. With such sensuous lyrics and harmonies, it’s clear Legend has a surplus of love to spread; however, I’d probably feel just as thankful if I were the one married to supermodel and twitter sensation Chrissy Tiegan.

Ultimately, John Legend delivered the Christmas album we never thought we needed. Personally, as someone who is annually triggered by the premature presence of wreaths and candy canes in supermarkets and department stores alike, this is an album whose songs will probably weasel their way into future playlists notwithstanding their creation date. And of course, the title’s pun cannot go unrecognized – a legendary Christmas indeed.

Listen to the album below:

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