Is Kanye Back?

After a crazy summer full of album releases, political outbursts, and Twitter rants, Kanye West has finally… settled down? In a series of tweets, Kanye stated that he was going to start “distancing [himself] from politics and completely focus on being creative.”

This is a complete 360 from who Ye was merely two and half weeks ago, when he swooned about how powerful his “MAGA” hat made him feel and how he would even consider running for president in 2024.

The decision by the rapper to shy away from a subject he so vehemently covered over the past couple of months strikes many as odd; however, I for one am excited for Ye to get back to what he does best: music.

Over the course of his political commentating stint, if you can call it that, Kanye did release music (see Ye and Kids See Ghosts). They were great projects, and generally fans enjoyed them; however, they still seemed to fall short of what Kanye West is capable of creating (see Graduation, College Dropout, Late Registration).

Hopefully, this breakaway from the political world and intention to focus on musical creativity will enable Kanye to create an album that feels College Dropout like. His next album, which for now will be named Yandhi, is scheduled to release on November 23rd. However, the album has already suffered one delay, as it was officially due to release back on September 29th.

Whenever Yandhi does release, I am hopeful that the project will prove to be on par with what Kanye West, one of the greatest artists of this generation, is capable of producing. Will shedding away his political views also shed the cloud of mediocrity that seems to follow Kanye’s latest music?

Only time will tell.

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