Premiere: Havyn’s New Sultry Single “Slide” Perfectly Showcases His Surf Trap Style

Havyn is pioneering a whole new genre, starting with “Slide”.

Havyn brings out all the vibes on “Slide.” There isn’t a dull moment in the song and no better introduction to Havyn’s unique style and self-defined genre. Opening with an airy sense of mystery, the moody keyboard, trap bass, and electric guitar all blend perfectly to create a wave of sound. Meticulously crafted and beautifully mastered, “Slide” is the exact vibe you need right now.

“Slide” is just the newest single for Havyn, who has already accumulated over 100,000 streams across Spotify and Youtube and his song  “Adieu” secured a place on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. So while today may have been the first time that you’ve heard of the genre of “Surf Trap”, it surely won’t be the last.

Surf Trap’s tropical reverie is an escape from all the noise, which is exactly why Havyn started making music in the first place. When he was a kid he opened GarageBand like so many of us did and after twenty or so minutes venturing into the world of production he had a beat. After that moment whenever his parents fought or he was overwhelmed with life he would put on his headphones and get to work, cocooning himself with a blanket of sound. And after studying music production in Australia for four years he moved to Los Angeles to record his debut album.

His album, the conveniently named Surf Trap, took two years to make, but Havyn’s almost ready to share it with the world. Partially recorded in Sound City Studios, the album features artists Rakeem Miles, Sebastian Graves, and Swedish artist, LYNEA. Traversing a variety of genres and colored by his time in Australia and his new sunny home in LA, Havyn is ready to break new barriers and make some waves with Surf Trap.

You can find more from Havyn on Instagram, Facebook, or SoundCloud.

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