OIJ is Only “Seconds Away From Love” : Listen

Rising Star Speaks on his Recent Heartbreak in New Single

Amsterdam producer OIJ follows up his recent single, “Back to the Start” with a infectious new heartbreaker, properly-titled, “Seconds Away From Love”.

The new song is almost cinematic in its construction, pulling together arcs of synths, a building beat and trails of emotive vocals into a rich soundscape. It will draw you in with its stripped back yet immersive energy, allowing a thought-provoking message to wash over.

OIJ on making “Seconds Away From Love”:
“Seconds Away From Love’ is a song about being very close, almost able to touch or feel, yet being so far away; a phenomenon many of us have experienced or will experience in their lifetime. Especially since in the current day and age we are all constantly connected with each other – even though we may be worlds apart.”

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