PLSMA x Billy Zigg Want “Big Smoke” with Rico Act : Listen

PLSMA and Billy Zigg drop their latest banger via MMXVAC

From the first seconds of PLSMA and Billy Zigg’s “Big Smoke,” listeners are assaulted with daunting levels of sonic brutality. Featuring a collection of elements such as dissonant arpeggios and aggressive vocals, the release builds to the bone-shattering sounds both artists are known for. In the midst of the track’s energy, it serves as a call to turn up, as Rico Act instructs listeners to “light a match and get litty ‘till your body’s smokin’.” Being the solid hybrid-trap banger that it is, “Big Smoke” will have crowds doing just that.

Hailing from Tampa, PLSMA has built his name on filthy signature sound and diverse live shows. The DJ/producer boasts a considerable collection of originals and remixes for names like Zomboy, TNGHT, and Ludacris, obtaining the support of Bailo, Pixel Terror, Nerd Rage, and Blunts and Blondes to name a few. With tens of thousands of SoundCloud streams, PLSMA aims to expand his reach with his versatility on and of the stage.

Following the success of his debut single, “Bronco,” (which amassed over 20k streams in less than two weeks), New York’s Billy Zigg is looking to dominate in 2019. In a short time, the artist has established a solid foundation for his career with his impressively versatile production skills. With over thirty tracks to be released throughout next year, Zigg is on the right track to grow as an artist and obtain copious amounts of support.

Stream “Big Smoke” above, courtesy of Soundcloud.

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