December ’18 Playlist: Top 60 Tunes of the Month

2018 has officially come to an end! Take a look back on the final month of the year with our monthly playlist.

Artist discoveries: Bop English, Camp Cope, Mungion

Our two top picks of the month:

1. Future Me Hates Me – The Beths

The Beths released one of the top indie albums of 2018 with “Future Me Hates Me” leading the way for the record’s success. Its catchy rhythm and emphasized lyrics captivate listeners and intrigue them to hear more. Don’t sleep on The Beths, they’re one of indie rock’s best outfits.

2. What’s It All For? – Yellow Days

Yellow Days returned with two singles, including the echoey “What’s It All For?” Yellow Days is no stranger to using eerie sounds to his advantage and express his emotions, and he hit it out of the park on this new song. It’s trippy vibe and questioning lyrics are a good combination that provoke thought within the listener. This single builds anticipation for Yellow Days’ next album…whenever that comes.

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